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Holistic Healthcare

Holistic health is to live life happily under the holistic healthcare which include physical health, mental health, spirit, and social. Balancing all of these factors would give us happiness, whether you are hardworking persons who look for peaceful rest or elderlies who want to live happily after retire. All must holistically take care of yourself.


Body is physical of holistic health. You are happy to be healthy and to be able to move freely, you may start with:
  • Eat healthy food, avoid sweeten food or drinks
  • Drink enough water
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes a day as appropriate with your health
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohols
  • Sleep well


Mental care is as important as health care because poor mental may lead to your health as a whole. You can manage stress and anxiety by:
  • Regular meditation for a peace of mind, consequently give you more concentration
  • Daily diary to get to know your thought and emotion
  • Gratitude journal
  • Exercise could release endorphin to make you calm and happy


Social is an interaction with others. All humans need good societies and relations among families, friends or communities. You can make healthy societies by:
  • Spend more times with families, friends, and your love ones
  • Participate in the activities of your societies or communities, such as volunteer or communities’ development
  • Be yourself and sincere with surrounding people


Spiritual training helps connect our own spirit while helps understanding the fact of life, nature, and surroundings. Understanding of these could be done through:
  • Religiously pray
  • Spend time with nature
  • Meditation
  • Practice yoga


Contemplation is a thoughtful and an open-minded to new things and experience in order to gain knowledge, understanding and to increase our potential.
  • Learn new things to challenge the brain
  • Eat healthy food that are good for physical and brain such as fish, nuts, and grains
  • Avoid smoking and alcohols

Holistic health starts with sleeping

Sleep is one of the important factors to strengthen health out of the five holistic healthcare. “Mente” wants to share some interesting tips about sleeping.

What happens when you sleep?

Enough sleep is fundamental of good health. A deep sleep time is between 23.00 and 01.00 hrs. is the time that the growth hormone is released. Growth hormone is important in human development, for children’s growth and adult’s vitality, especially to cure any physical damages, to defer agedness, to build muscles and to reduce cholesterol thus give you good health. Therefore, quality of sleep is important.

Knowing the sleep cycle

Sleep is regulated by Circadian Rhythm and Sleep Pressure

Circadian Rhythm is a working cycle in every living creature. It controls sleep cycle between day and night (24 hours).

Sleep Pressure makes us sleepy which is differed from awakening. The longer hours you awake the more you feel sleepy from Adenosine in the brain. Every minute that you are awakened, Adenosine is built up in your brain. When Adenosine is accumulated much more to a certain point (about 12-16 hours of awakening), then you sleep. After sleeping of about 8 hours, all of Adenosine is eliminated.

However, Caffeine could lessen Sleep Pressure.

Sleeping cycle comprises two period. The first period is non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREM) and the second period is rapid eye movement (REM). NREM can divide into three stages, of which, the body and brain start to slow down in stage 1 while the body enters a more subdued state including a drop in temperature, relaxed muscles, slow in breathing, heart rate, and brain, and eye movement stops at state 2. Stage 3 is a deep sleep stage, allowing for bodily recovery and growth. It may also bolster the immune system and other key bodily processes. REM is a period when the brain activities pick up similar to awaken period and dream can occur more in this period and also help memory, learning and creativity. Sleep cycle starts with NREM and follows by REM alternatively.

That is the reason why you should look for an option when you think about quality of sleep.


Everyone may experience sleepless nights, which is not always a disease but may be an indication telling that you may have some problem. Those problems may be from:
Alarm clock: It may interrupt your sleep, especially the alarm that is very loud and noisy which is possible to make you stress at once.
Alcohols: A lot of people think that drinking alcohol would make a better sleep. In fact, alcohol is sedative and disturbs normal sleep.
Caffeine: It may disturb and lessen your sleepiness if taking after 14.00 hours or 6 hours before going to bed.
Frequent travels: Timezone changing
Light: Night light, especially blue light from electronic devices screens directly effects Circadian Rhythm and reduce natural melatonin.
Snore: Deep sleep may be disturbed by snoring therefore give you a feeling of not enough sleep.
Sleep Apnea: It makes the sleep less efficient and consequently effect your health
Emotion: Anxiety, depression, and stress affect sleeping quality


Get morning sunlight at least 30 minutes a day
Take a short nap, of not more than 30 minutes, during the day
Do exercise regularly
Avoid eating and drinking any caffeine beverages of at least 4 hours before going to bed
Avoid drinking alcohols and smoking at least 4 hours before going to bed
Go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday
Appropriate temperature in the bedroom
Relax and put the worry aside before sleep
Use bedroom for sleeping only
Listen to the light music or reading books if you cannot sleep in 30 minutes or
Use “MENTE”, product from nature for relaxing and calming

Holistic Healthcare Product

Let “MENTE” looks after you during the night

“Mente” soothing spray. Just spraying into your mouth for a better sleep at night.

“Mente” is healthcare product for sleeping.

“Mente” is researched, developed and composed with many kinds of herbs, such as Ashwaghanda extract, Chamomile extract, essential oil, without chemicals, sugar, and alcohols. Then, no residue left in your body and 100% safe.

“Mente” prepares to give you a relaxing night for a happy rest, unlike sleeping pills. It does not only help relaxing, homeostasis but also strengthen immune system.

“Mente” is also peppermint mixture which eliminates mouth bacteria and bad breath. Just spray in your mouth. It is pocket size and easily carried.

For a good sleep from nature therapy – relaxing body and balancing mind


Soothing mouth spray for a good sleep

Releasing from stress for sleeping quality and joyfully starting a new day

Starting to live your life with happiness everyday

Resting with quality and strengthen your holistic health today.

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