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Balancing your life with nature

Living your happy life to the fullest from better rest with “Mente” – a scientifically proven product from the research of an expert pharmacist. “Mente” helps improve your sleep quality.

Healthcare Product for You

In an under-pressure society, you may look for helps that …
Give you full of energy enhancing your work efficiency and effectiveness
Control your emotion from a well-rest, consequently live a happy life and enjoy every moment
Help reduce using chemical-based products to connect more with the nature for sustainable life
Comprehensively take care of yourself to have a lifetime of happiness, both body and peace of mind
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“Mente” is relaxing spray, your night time friend

“Mente” natural calming and refreshing mouth spray is a product specially for sleeping quality.
Since sleep is vital for your life, a time when the body connects with the soul, then sleep quality is an everyday preference.
“Mente” relaxing spray is researched, developed and composed with many kinds of herbs, such as Ashwaghanda extract, Chamomile extract, essential oil, without chemicals, sugar, and alcohols.
“Mente” Natural Calming and Refreshing Mouth Spray
support sleeping quality
for all ages
environmentally friendly
Calm and Relax
Good taste
bacterial inhibitable
stress relief
Reduce Jetlag
reduce dizziness
without chemicals, sugar, and alcohols
no side-effect if stop using

Hear these lovely people’s experience

  • Thammawat P.
    Tech Entrepreneur
    It is very good. It helps my parents to sleep longer and not wake up during the night. They normally wake up at 3.00 or 4.00 a.m., but after using Mente, they wake up almost 6.00 a.m. For me, I was unhealthy, having pulmonary edema, cardiac arrhythmia, snore, and have never had deep sleep. The doctor treated me with C-pap every night for 5-6 years for better sleep. After I met Mente, I tried replacing c-pap with Mente and found that I could sleep longer hours and deeper and wake up later than usual.
  • Kanok N.
    Investment Consultant
    I’m very happy with Mente because of insomnia. When I first used Mente, I thought whether I preconceive, but it helps me falling asleep. I used Mente on board when I traveled to England and was able to sleep well and freshly woke up without jetlag. Very good indeed.
  • Kitsanee P.
    I have never thought that only 2 pumps of Mente could help me sleep longer hours and deeper. At the moment, I go to bed at 10.00 p.m. and wake up at 5.00 a.m. unliked before that kept waking up at 2.00 or 3.00 a.m. I also persuaded my daughter to try Mente, she told she had enough sleep which was very good for her studies.
  • Patcharee T.
    Interior Designer
    I normally go to bed very late for more than 10 years, facing insomnia because overthink or think about work all the time. I knew that it accumulatively harmed my health. I tried to solve the problems, however, not taking pills, but instead exercising, praying, and meditating, practicing yoga which help a little.
    I have to use the word ‘open my mind’ with Mente for 3 weeks now. I sprayed 3 pumps of Mente every night, about 15-30 minutes before going to bed, fragrance of mint is very good. The first 3 days of taking Mente, I slept like dead but after that I felt like drug resistant. So, I adjusted myself and followed an advice by not playing with the cellphone before bed time. Lastly, I took 3 pumps and went to bed. I could sleep easily with longer hours and freshly woke up with clear mind. In short, it’s superb!!
  • Pornpitchaya M.
    Insurance Agent
    I tried Mente by myself first and had a good sleep, so as my husband. I have introduced it to friends too. Until now they asked me to buy 3-4 pieces.
  • Suparada K.
    Real Estate Agent
    Mente works very well. I normally could not sleep and get excited when I have to attend meeting in the morning. Last night was the first night in 2-3 months that I slept well and didn’t feel sleepy after waking up, unliked before that I yawned a lot.
  • Kornthawat J.
    Insurance Agent
    The customers said that they could sleep well.

Body intake is as important as a rest

Let “Mente” looks after you with natural ingredients without alcohols, sugar, and chemicals. “Mente” holistically takes care of yourself.
“Mente” helps relaxing and supporting your sleeping quality. Ingredients of “Mente” are specially picked through research and development that proofed to be of the benefits for resting. Moreover, “Mente” is bacteria inhibitable that keep you stay healthy.

Our product

“Mente” Natural Calming and Refreshing Mouth Spray
Relaxing spray with ingredients from natures. It boosts your sleeping quality. Let us be your friend while resting, taking care of your body, mind, and soul.
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Sleep is vital to heal the body, mind and soul

- Mente
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Confident with lifestyles that perfectly blend with the nature

Factory is certified by the US Food and Drug Administration
Certified by The Food Safety System Certification FSSC22000
Confident with manufacturing standard for exporting


“Give time to yourself and let the nature heals”

Human instinct needs the nature to heal body, mind, and soul as well as emotion.

“Heal the body and mind to ally with the nature”

“Mente” natural calming and refreshing mouth spray – a sleeping aid derives from the nature that helps relaxing and relieving stress, consequently betters your sleep quality, which is different from other kinds.
A way that does not intervene human nature. The ingredients of the product are 100% from nature, therefore, without harmful chemicals that possibly be deposited in the users’ bodies. Let the nature comfort your mind, have a good sleep to wake up to a new morning for a better life.
“Mente” a holistic healthcare product

Naturally better your sleep from today onwards

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