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One of the founders, Monrudee Samphantharak (Molly) and her friends are experiencing insomniac, probably from age, environment, and tension. She tried many sleeping aids products such as melatonin, pillow spray, chamomile tea, cannabis tea or oil and even sleeping pills. However, all of these are ineffective for some people.

Molly strongly believes that “sleeping is a starting point of healthiness for both physical and mental”. She felt every time she slept well, she could live her life very happy and energetic. She started to seriously look for sleeping aid product. As a background of products developer, she collaborated with pharmacists for research and development of sleeping product, specifically from plants extract. The product is designed in a form of pocketed size spray, freshly taste, easily use – is not a pill and no need to chew or swallow or even mixed with water or drop. Moreover, it gives good breath when waking up because of its anti-bacteria property. After an effective trial of this new product, she then collected working group to develop holistic healthcare product. Because good sleep is a starting point of healthiness for both physical and mental - “Good Sleep Solves Many Things”.

“Good sleep is a starting point of healthiness for both physical and mental”


We will develop a nature way product for happy body, mental, and spirit.

We will be a leader of creative healthcare products which are in line with the lifestyle of the new generations who need health products and with a belief that healthiness could be gather with the nature and to lessen the use of harmful chemicals-based products.


Gentle Minds Co., Ltd. owns a product called “Mente”, an Italian language means ‘mentality’.

Gentle Minds is a group of people who desired to develop well-being, natural based products whilst mental therapy.

Founder comprises Molly - Monrudee Samphantharak who is outstanding in creating and developing new products. Along with family of Koen – Pataradanai Setsuwan who is pursuing Ph.D. graduation in Psychotherapy; his mother – Tum – Wandalak Setsuwan; his uncle – Prose Setsuwan – former airline management and an advisor of many hospitals and anti-aging clinic, who believes in the trends of health products. Lastly, Ajarn Tuk – well-known life consultant by both psychology and astrology to guide and to advise those having problems in life. He finally found that major problems of many people are insomnia.

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